Our Latino community now makes up 15 percent of Durham’s population and nearly 25 percent of our school children. We must advocate and stand in solidarity with these neighbors and friends. We must reach out to these residents by providing access to City spaces in Spanish and by encouraging Latino residents to get involved in civic life. We can’t prevent ICE’s presence in Durham, but we can do everything within our limited power to protect our neighbors.

What Steve's done.

  • After Trump’s executive order cutting back severely on the number of refugees admitted to the US, Steve met with representatives of the local refugee resettlement agencies. From that meeting arose the idea of a City-endorsed Durham Refugee Day. Steve joined a small group of organizers of the first Refugee Day which drew hundreds of refugees and their supporters to Durham Central Park.

  • Introduced a resolution to City Council to welcome to Durham unaccompanied minors coming across the border fleeing violence in their own countries.

  • Introduced a resolution to offer City Council support to El Centro Hispano for the issuance of the Faith ID to be provided by El Centro to undocumented immigrants who are not able to get a driver’s license. This resolution included the Durham police department’s recognition of this ID.

  • Introduced a resolution to City Council to welcome Syrian refugees to resettle in Durham.

  • Connected the family of an unaccompanied minor seeking asylum to Rep. Butterfield’s office. Rep. Butterfield was able to help the young man get released from detention, and he is now living happily in Durham.

  • Frequently participates with programs at El Centro Hispano and championed City financial support for El Centro’s relocation to Lakewood.

  • Has marched on many occasions in support of “Dreamers” and local youth facing deportation.