Everyone in Durham should be able to make enough to support themselves and their families. While the legislature prohibits us from enacting a City-wide livable wage standard, there is much we can do right here in Durham. We can support the Living Wage Project’s recruitment of businesses to voluntarily comply with the $15 minimum. We can work with the schools and Durham Tech to make sure that our young people are educated in the skills they need to get the great jobs available in Durham. We can ensure that the City’s job training programs are effective and that our NCWorks career center does a great job connecting job-seekers to local employers.

What Steve's done.

  • Supported the City’s new plan to pay all staff at least $15 per hour by July 1, 2018. Steve made the motion to establish this timetable.

  • Spoke out about the condition of Latino sub-contractors who went unpaid by the developers of a local hotel and picketed with these workers. He successfully advocated for the city attorney to put a clause in all future incentive contracts to regulate this kind of behavior.

  • Proposed that the City ask the General Assembly to allow people with felonies to get a Commercial Driver’s License. This is now on the City’s legislative agenda, and its passage would benefit both the individuals involved and the companies which need their services as drivers and equipment operators.

  • Pays close attention to the minority hiring and contracting practices of City contractors, and he has on many occasions asked contractors to come before the council to explain their hiring practices and to pledge to pursue hiring minorities.

  • Supported City funding for Made in Durham which involves our youth in job shadowing, job training and internships.

  • Advocated for the expansion of the summer YouthWork program, which hires hundreds of teenagers for City and private industry jobs and trains them in financial literacy and critical soft skills.

  • Supported the City’s new policy of 12 weeks of paid parental leave.