Durham needs strong council and community oversight of our police force to ensure that everyone lives free from fear. I support Chief C.J. Davis’ reform of our police department and her emphasis on de-escalation and racial equity training. I will continue to work towards a police force that effectively fights violent crime while actively seeking to build the trust of our entire community and enforcing the laws free from racial discrimination.

What Steve's done.

To listen to Steve's remarks on police worn body cameras, forward to the 3:12:38 mark.

  • Leading advocate of the written consent to search policy that has been adopted by council and implemented by the police department. This policy puts Durham in the national forefront of progressive policies on consent searches. Total searches of cars have fallen by 44% - which means hundreds of people are being spared jail and criminal records for minor violations, such as marijuana possession, that might result from a search.

  • Voted for the adoption of body cameras for use by the Durham Police Department, and worked closely with police department leadership and City Council Members Jillian Johnson and Charlie Reece to craft a body-camera policy that would be a national model for the privacy and accountability in the use of the cameras. The NC General Assembly pre-empted this policy by passing its own weak body camera regulations.

  • Ridden several times on Saturday nights with young officers on the police force to better understand the experience of policing in Durham.

  • Strongly advocated for the cooperation of the Durham Police Department with the Misdemeanor Diversion Court.

  • Spoken out for transparency and accountability whenever there is an officer-involved shooting.

  • Spoke out against the way the Durham Police Department responded to demonstrators after the death of Jesus Huerta, and met with department leaders on several occasions to make his views known. Subsequently, the Durham Police Department has made improvements in how it deals with peaceful demonstrations.

  • Was the only City official to meet with the Huerta family, which he did on several occasions.

  • Advocates publicly and often for the decriminalization of marijuana possession.

  • Supported pay increases for our police officers so that Durham can hire the best and retain them.

  • Supported take-home police cars for officers who live here in Durham as an incentive for Durham’s police officers to reside here.

  • Strongly supports Chief Davis’ emphasis on de-escalation and racial equity training.