Durham needs a mobility strategy for the next 50 years. I am proud to have led our region’s support for the 18-mile Durham-Orange light rail project, and this year we must push it over the finish line for federal funding. We must also provide an expanded, efficient bus network for our 22,000 daily riders—and it’s time to begin the work to make the system fare-free.

What Steve's done.

  • As chair of the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Steve has had a key role in strategy, negotiation and funding plans for regional rail transit -- including the Durham-Orange Light Rail and the commuter rail line to Raleigh.

  • Led efforts to keep the fares low on Durham’s buses -- at $1 per ride or lower on a pass. Now Steve has proposed that Durham begin planning for buses that are fare-free.

  • Supports the City’s planned expenditures of $20 million on new and repaired sidewalks in the next five years.

  • Has been a leading voice against the NC Railroad plans for enormous grade separations on major streets in downtown Durham.

  • Led the support for the “road diet” on Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.

  • As MPO chair, has led the region’s advocacy for multi-modal transportation funding to replace the state’s highway-centric strategy.

  • Supports a complete streets policy for Durham, the expansion of bicycle boulevards, and the continued rapid expansion of bike lanes.